Monday, January 2, 2012

Tumco gold mines, CA

After searching the CA BLM site I found out about Tumco mines and it wasn't too far from Yuma. It is an old gold mining area that still is mined at, but with more modern mining practices. I wandered around for about 3 miles in the 100 degree fall.

Current mine

It was easy to get to. The parking area didn't offer much information, but you could see somewhat of a trial with shaded benches and site marker. So I just headed off in that direction.

There is not much left of what was at one time the town. A few foundations and shacks, and the leaching tanks are all that remains.

This area still has some old mines. They look pretty inviting, but some articles about people dying in them was enough to deter me.

Since i had no guide of any type I didn't know what most of the marked sites were. other than the leaching tanks.

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