Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saving lives

It's a sad fact that when you are doing "crazy" things, from time to time people get hurt.  I feel fortunate that nobody from our crew has suffered more than some cuts and scrapes on any of our adventures. However sometimes you see people from other crews do not follow the same precautions that we to the mitigate the chance for injury.

That being said, the Lele Kawa crew was at Sunset cliffs when a man jumped and suffered a head injury. We were among the crowd of bystanders that came to the mans aid, before he was life flighted out. So far we have been unable to locate any follow up information on the man.

Be careful out there. You can be stupid and you can be crazy, but try very hard not to do both at the same time. If you are getting stupid don't do things that are crazy or reckless. If you are doing things that are crazy be as smart about them as you can be.


Lele Kawa the movie

The Lele Kawa crew has been working on a feature length movie that documents some of our adventures in an artistic fashion. The plan is to finish the movie before the end of the year and then to sell it, with any profits it generates going to "Path International" a nonprofit that helps rehabilitate veterans through therapeutic horseback riding.

So far we have this trailer put together. I will add an update when we get our kickstarter up and running.