Monday, November 30, 2009

Edge of the World

It only took six months but I finally made my way out to the desert. We left right after work at 1pm, and made it to the Edge in only about an hour and a half. The Edge of the World is a crazy site. There are huge cliffs and below it the ground is flat, as far as you can see. Words are hard to describe it you have to see the pictures. I got to climb around a bit and really use my 50D. We took off in time to get out of there with some sun to light our way out, but still get some sunlight shots before we were back to civilization. It is a shame we couldn't spend longer out there, it would be a great place to camp out or even just grill out. Maybe I'll get the chance before I leave here, I still have to much time left.

On the way out we saw a bunch of camels chewing on the trees. We got out to get a closer look, and that's when one attacked.

The required Bro photo

Some climbing

The Edge

Felt like this picture would look better


Attack Camel

The coordinates are +24° 56' 41.34", +45° 59' 31.86"

Jeddah, KSA SCUBA Diving

I was lucky enough to get out of Riyadh for a long weekend a few weeks ago. While there I manged to get some time underwater. It was my first chance since I left Hawaii. It was also my first chance to use my Underwater Camera I bought right after leaving Hawaii. The pictures are all quite blue, and I lost my USB cable for my Dive Computer, but other than that it was a great time.

This was my first dive outside the U.S. and my first dive not using my own equipment. Both of these things started to worry me a little as I arrived at the dive shop. When I showed up the only questions they asked are; SCUBA or Snorkel and what equipment do you need? Not once did they ask to see a dive liscence or a log book. Back in the equipment room everything looked rather beat up. I thought I would be able to use my own regs, but this ended up not being the case since I have an AIR2, so my hose wasn't compatible with their BC. I didn't realize this until I was on the boat setting up my gear. Luckly one of the guys working for the company had time to run back and grab me some regs. I was able to use my computer.

We did three dives the Cable Wreck, Crazy 8 and one other reef. All we good dives, even if the visibility wasn't great. Bottomed out at about 75 feet. Saw plenty of small fish, got a few good pictures. By the third dive I gave up playing with the camera, because I realized I was spending most the dive following the camera, watchign the screen. I had a great time and made some new friends, who with luck I'll get to dive with again before I'm out of here.

My new Saudi friend

Spotted Ray

Fish that aren't camera shy