Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mountain Bike San Salvador

First post of the new year. I finally got my bike out on the trails. It only took being in San Salvador for six months. To be fair to myself, my gear took four and a half months of that six to arrive. I found out about a ecopark, Ecoparque El Espino, that is on the edge of the city. I found this park on google after seeing it talked about in a local Bike association's video. I have tried to get somebody to head over there with me to check it out. After two months I was still not able to convince one of the guys to go with me. Once I got somebody to try and find it with me, but we had limited time and my information was a little off. Sunday finally I talked a local to try to find it with me. She had never been there either. We were successful. The place seemed safer than I expected, despite its location. We took a short walk and the park seemed pretty nice. Monday, as soon as I got off work I decided to take my bike over there. As could be expected, I couldn't get anyone to head over there with me. Since I had already done the recon, I felt I would be ok with doing it alone. I got dropped off at the top of the hill and just went for it. The trails seemed a little sketchy but I managed to only fall once(5:16 on the video). This one run got my adrenalin going. Also I got some good GPS reading on one of the trails and the shaky video below. Too bad I found these trials right before heading out of the country for two weeks. When I get back I will step it up with the mountain biking and hopefully climbing also.

Coordinates are +13.700946,-89.277391