Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Az to Salton Sea, CA

Like many people I was tipped off to the Salton Sea by the youtube video "The Accidental Sea".

So my first week down here in Western Arizona I decided I had to check it out.

I'm a little disappointed that my experience wasn't as post apocalyptic as Accidental Sea portrays.

I circled the whole sea and didn't see much that was real crazy. I managed to get a few good photos, but because I was alone I got bored pretty quickly. I ventured off the main road a few times, towards the sea, but I didn't head the other way. I missed out on Salvation Mountain and a few of the other cooler things in that area. Maybe in a few months when it isn't crazy hot out I will head back over there and really explore.

I did stop off at Ocotillo Wells on the way and Imperial dunes. I cruised down Oil Well Wash at Ocotillo wells a little bit.

Oil Well Wash, Ocotillo Wells

Imperial Dunes

Antelope Hill petroglyphs

Since I ventured west last weekend I decided to go east this weekend. I found a place online called Antelope Hill, about 30 minutes drive down the highway to the East. Since I had no other plans Sunday afternoon, despite the heat, I decided I should go check it out.

I have seen petroglyphs before. In fact you can read about it in my post "Graffiti Rock". That site was a lot more impressive. At Antelope Hill there are a bunch of smaller scattered petroglyphs on some of the little rocks. I only saw a handful.
Antelope Hill clearly marked with the big "A"

While looking for more petroglyphs, I spotted a trail that looked fairly well used heading up and to the left of where the parking lot was.

I followed it for a while, but there were no more petroglyphs in that direction just rocks and a few small cacti.

I saw very little animal life, which is good since there are poisonous insects and snakes around. But maybe not seeing them means I just wasn't aware of them. All I did see were two little lizards, but they quickly ran away from me before I could get there photo.

Since I didn't bring water or any equipment other than a camera with me, I gave myself a 20 time limit for the out portion of the trip, before I would make myself turn back. Then as I often do, I ran the return trip, back to my car where I had a little water and AC waiting on me.